Parliament hearing on oil’s contamination of water

South Sudan’s parliament holding hearing on oil’s contamination of water, lives and politics in South Sudan

April 4, 2018

Sign of Hope’s ten-year campaign to stop Big Oil’s destruction of lives, livelihoods and the environment has just accomplished a major breakthrough.

In a hearing staged today, the country’s Legislative Assembly is taking a searching look at the causes and effects of this destruction, which has been repeatedly described by authoritative sources as being “one of the world’s great crimes against the environment and humanity.”

This hearing follows years of strenuous denials by the country’s government that this problem even existed. This denial was accompanied by the persecution of journalists who had uncovered this scandal.

The hearing features testimony by Dr. Bior K. Bior, the expert and fearless investigator of Big Oil’s practices, and by the country’s ministers of petroleum, the environment and others.

These testimonies, in turn, build on the systematic field work conducted by Sign of Hope and its team of scientists.