For South Sudan

Journalists, activists, community members: This is your platform!

Report oil pollution and its effects here.
Send us information.
Send us photos – with GPS data if possible – of pipeline ruptures, oil spills, oil leaks, oil ponds, facility fires and other environmental disasters.
And of oil company attempts to cover them up.

(+49-170) 473 35 72

Tell us what’s going on in your community. 
Who’s gotten sick and how and why. Who’s been forced to leave their homes, and what’s happened to them. Who’s been killed or intimidated by government or oil company security forces. Who’s suffering hunger, thirst and poverty.

We will keep you safe.
100% confidential and anonymous.
Tell the world and tell each other what is really doing on in South Sudan!
Tell us what you need to get your rights to clean water, healthy lives and a healthy environment, safe homes.

Do you need: 
-medical treatment
-compensation for loss of farmland and livestock
 -education and training 
-people to stand with you? 

We will do our best to help you get all this.



In your own words, through your photos and videos and songs and art – tell the world what you in South Sudan are experiencing – 
by submitting content here.

In the midst of want and war, rape and ravaging, massacres and mutilations: poetic images, stirring music and mobilizing messages.

"Black Tide Berlin"

Thank you for being part of the fight for the human right to clean water – and against the “black tide” of oil pollution.​

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