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In the midst of want and war, rape and ravaging, massacres and mutilations: poetic images, stirring music and mobilizing messages.

"Black Tide Berlin"

Thank you for being part of the fight for the human right to clean water – and against the “black tide” of oil pollution.​

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Recent Reports

No wonder that the condition of South Sudan’s main oil pipeline is a subject of great worry and fear among the people living in its vicinity 
– and around the leaky and fire-prone processing facilities. 

Lawyers representing the Ruweng community filed the petition at the Supreme Court three weeks ago, following what they call repeated human rights violations by oil companies that fail to maintain their pipelines, which have burst numerous times, spilling crude oil into surrounding land and water.

A key South Sudan oil export pipeline suffered at least two massive spills last year, an NGO reported Tuesday, urging the government to shut it down before it causes more environmental damage.

German NGO Sign of Hope, which has long investigated the impact of oil pollution in the country, used satellite images to detect two major oil spills in 2019, only one of which was reported by the government.

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