All-Stars: Africa sings Black Tide

Thanks so much for lending your powerful voices and instruments to helping the people of Africa fight the Black Tide of oil pollution – which is killing people and the environment all over the continent.

Klub Jeru’s whole life has been spent living with – and now singing about – the world’s worst case of the Black Tide of oil pollution. Ubrei-Joe Jeru hails from Delta state, which forms the heart of Nigeria’s oil industry – and thus of the devastation wrought by it over the past six decades

Anataban is a driving force for culture and progress in South Sudan. This group of artists stages exhibitions, poetry slams and festivals – and creates videos showing the horrors of war and pollution – and the need to protect their victims.
Capping its breathtaking rendition of Black Tide, Anataban convened its best singers to perform a capella version of this moving song.

Watch this passionate and so tuneful rendition of Black Tide. And hear what those young Nigerians have to say: it is time to put an end to the Black Tide of oil pollution in Nigeria – where there are 20 million victims – and South Sudan and 38 other countries in Africa.

Glorious, powerful voices – joined for a glorious, important purpose

To spread the word of God through music.

To create opportunities for the youth of Kwazulu, South Sudan by developing their musical talents.

To make a difference in the local community.

Julyka has as many talents as she has had homes.

Born in Cameroon, Julyka now makes her home in Germany. She also lived, studied and worked in the Ivory Coast, France, UK, Sri Lanka, the USA and Ireland.

Julyka is a talented singer and composer – as is to be heard on on her album “ÉTERNITÉ DE DÉLICES”. She is also a well-recognized author and journalist, moderator and speaker.

Born on the island nation of Sao Tome and Principe, Rei Kongo is one of western Africa’s most acclaimed musicians. Rei Kongo won in 2019 the S.T.P.’s awards for Best Rapper, Best Album and Best Music. The conferring of these honors was followed by the release in 2020 of the highly-successful “Era do Kongo”.

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