Rei Kongo

Black Tide by Rei Kongo

Born on the island nation of Sao Tome and Principe, Rei Kongo is one of western Africa’s most acclaimed musicians. Rei Kongo won in 2019 the S.T.P.’s awards for Best Rapper, Best Album and Best Music. The conferring of these honors was followed by the release in 2020 of the highly-successful "Era do Kongo”.

Rei Kongo - performance

To realize his powerful version of “Black Tide”, Rei Kongo called upon three other great singers: rapper-activist Blekan Deka, Santomean rapper El John and Angolan singer Kaya Fortunato.

Thanks so much for lending your powerful voices and instruments to helping the people of Africa fight the Black Tide of oil pollution – which is killing people and the environment all over the continent.


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