Kor Chop Leek’s urgent pleas to the government of South Sudan

Kor Chop Leek’s urgent pleas to the government of South Sudan

When we neglect our environment, we neglect our health, when we neglect our health, we violate our rights to live healthily and safely. As such our right to live longer is shortened.

I’m not an environmentalist nor an environmental activist, but I’m a concerned citizen of this country who believe that, when environment is properly protected from pollution being from oil, smoke, wastes, and toxic chemicals, or and other health hazards that can contaminate our environment or jeopardized our health, then our health is well taken care of and our right to live longer on this planet earth is secured.

Kor Chop Leek is a paramedic and a graduate student in Juba.

Rwanda recently was announced as the first cleanest country in Africa and the second in the whole world in term of environmental safety standard. I congratulate Rwandan people for that enormous credit.

My posts of recent is much dominated by environmental issues, and mainly from oil pollution that is engulfing oil rich Greater Upper Nile region. I wish I’m an environmentalist.

South Sudan as an oil producing region attracted number of oil companies to invest her rich oil reserves estimated to be 6 billions barrels with Tharjath alone is estimated to have reserves of 149.1 millions barrels (read Oil, Power, and A Sign of Hope) .

Experts predicted that, the oil extraction shall be exhausted by 2035 if carefully drilled.

Oil is not a good friend to environment as you can see the below posted photos if not taken care of well. It pollution contaminate water, soil, air, and cause deforestation. Beside that, its pollution kills humans, animals, and other living creatures and cussed long life health risks hazards hardly to reverse.

I’m calling on the followings concerned institutions in the country to bring the matter into appropriate attention.

1. The Presidency 
2. National Ministry of Petroleum.
3. National Ministry of Environment and Forestry.
4. National Ministry of Humanitarian and Disaster Management.
5. All oil companies in the country 
6. Any other related institutions I have not mention.

I’m optimistic that if laws governing oil operations are correctly and strictly applied particularly the national and International environmental laws. This will definitely grantee our environmental safety free from oil contamination.

Save South Sudan environment!