Bad and worsening lack of compliance

Highly respected Sudd Institute’s criticisms of reporting by and accountability of South Sudan’s oil industry

Compliance with Petroleum Industry Transparency and Accountability Rules in South Sudan

Key statements:

“Despite the existence of strong petroleum transparency and accountability rules, compliance with them has worsened in the last three years. Only 26% of the information required by the laws on petroleum in South Sudan has been published in 2019 – compared to 42% in 2016. This seriously violates petroleum transparency and accountability rules and poses high corruption and reputational risks….We recommend the establishment of an independent institution…”

On the Sudd Institute:
“The Sudd Institute is an independent research organization that conducts and facilitates research and training to inform public policy and practice, to create opportunities for discussion and debate, and to improve analytical capacity in South Sudan. The Sudd Institute’s intention is to significantly improve the quality, impact and accountability of local, national, and international policy and decision-making in South Sudan in order to promote a more peaceful, just and prosperous society.”