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Amazing videos from South Sudan

In the midst of want and war, rape and ravaging, massacres and mutilations: poetic images, stirring music and mobilizing messages.

Recent Reports

“Big Oil holds the world – its climate, its environment, and its economy – in a vice-like grip. This worldwide grip means that it’s going to take a worldwide movement to turn back the black tide of oil pollution – and to save the world’s water,” Klaus Stieglitz of Sign of Hope, the Germany-based NGO.

confirming and citing findings of Sign of Hope’s scientific investigation of oil pollution’s effects in South Sudan.

“Klaus Stieglitz, vice-chairman of the Konstanz,Germany-based non-profit organization Sign of Hope that has previously investigated pollution
concerns in South Sudan, speaks of an “oil catastrophe” affecting more than 600,000 people.”



Joseph Oduha, one of South Sudan’s most respecter journalists (, the East African and other media and platforms, was kidnapped on September 14th in Kampala. After several hours in the clutches of his abductor, Joseph managed to escape – but not before suffering at their hands.

“I will not be intimidated, but will continue to report fairly and objectively on politics and business in South Sudan,” states Joseph.