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In the midst of want and war, rape and ravaging, massacres and mutilations: poetic images, stirring music and mobilizing messages.

"Black Tide Berlin"

Thank you for being part of the fight for the human right to clean water – and against the “black tide” of oil pollution.​

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Recent Reports

  • Oil spill at El Torr oil field in Ruweng State that is causing environmental damages on May 30, 2019 | Credit | Joakino Francis/Eye Radio

    A group of lawyers has petitioned the Supreme Court to annul contracts of oil companies over alleged pollution in the oil producing states.

    The lawyers want the oil companies to pay a compensation of $500 million for the damages caused by oil pollution in the areas.


“Crude oil, key to boosting South Sudan’s economy, is destroying crucial pasture land, polluting water, and increasing birth defects. Now it’s finally bad enough for the government to take notice.”Okech FrancisFebruary 21, 2020, 5:00 AM GMT+1

  • Government auditing oil fields in first bid to mitigate damage 
  • Environmental problems not stopped state push to sell more oil 

The people I spoke to in the oil-pumping area in the country’s northeast were desperate to describe how their lives have been harmed by the pollution and how they could not get help. One woman shouted at me from across the yard as I emerged from her neighbor’s house. Had I come there “to save them?” she asked.

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