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Amazing videos from South Sudan
In the midst of want and war, rape and ravaging, massacres and mutilations: poetic images, stirring music and mobilizing messages.

Tell your stories to the world, South Sudan!

Upcoming event

Black Tide Concert - Gedächtniskirche
30th September 2019 17PM

Tell your stories to the world, South Sudan!​



This music video was recorded to raise awareness on the disadvantages of oil pollution in South Sudan’s oil drilling sites. Children are born without limbs, others with three legs while others extremely deformed.

Recent Reports

The government of South Sudan recently made a sweeping commitment: to put an end  to oil pollution in the country – with this especially applying to the areas in and around the oil fields in the north. 

A reporter’s searching look at a major and growing crisis 
Pollution in South Sudan: human suffering through inhumane greed.

In 2018, I started reporting on oil pollution in South Sudan. I quickly learned that this entailed quite a bit more than merely gathering facts and comments, that it meant – quite literally – getting acquainted with the smells, sights and feel of poisoned water and land – and experiencing first-hand the suffering that it causes.

Residents of Ruweng state say oil companies operating in the state are not providing them services as required by law and that there is massive pollution in the area.


September 2019

at Kaiser-Wilhelm-Memorial Church Berlin

On September 30th, at 8 pm., in Berlin’s historic Gedächtniskirche,
the acclaimed Jocelyn B. Smith and the Choir of Redemption and other musical groups  will sing “Black Tide”.

The song born from South Sudan’s struggle to free itself from the ‘black tide’ of oil pollution – 
the song which is becoming the anthem for clean water and for a healthful environment and a socially-just world.