Help Sign of Hope help Corona patients!

Already suffering from malnutrition, malaria and other problems and diseases, people in East Africa, the Caucasus, South Asia and elsewhere are now facing a particularly virulent foe: Covid-19.

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Help and hope...

Help and hope of survival comes from the clinics maintained and supported by Sign of Hope. Since founding in 1983, this German NGO has supplied medical, humanitarian and development assistance to three million people in 23 countries.

Our efforts express the compassion and solidarity forming the core beliefs of Christianity

Sign of Hope’s clinics

To handle the ever-greater wave of Corona patients, the clinics and mobile treatment teams maintained and supported by Sign of Hope in Kenya, South Sudan, Uganda and elsewhere are gearing up their operations. That requires getting more and better equipment and medical supplies -and hiring and paying physicians and other personnel. And all that costs money.

These clinics and teams provide medical treatment, maternal and infant care, water, food, soap and other necessities of health and life.      

And that’s where you come in.


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On Sign of Hope

Hoffnungszeichen | Sign of Hope e.V. works to protect the rights of people in distress and to meet their needs for assistance. The organisation is headquartered in Konstanz, Germany. Our work is informed by spiritual beliefs, yet not affiliated with any denomination.

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On the Corona crisis in Africa

“Up to 10 million fatalities from Corona in Africa” - the grim prediction of Bill Gates. The reasons for this forecast: Africa lacks hospitals, medical supplies, reliable supplies of electricity and of clean water and other necessities of effective medical treatment. Africa’s people are already contending with and weakened by such grave diseases as malaria and such crippling problems as hunger and environmental destruction.

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