Sara Hylton

What War Can’t Destroy

Years of conflict have torn at the seams of Juba, South Sudan. But the city’s people hold their heads high. In South Sudan, street photography is essentially illegal. It is another casualty of the civil war. Young, fit, twitchy soldiers are everywhere, ready to crack down on anyone who pulls out a camera. No reasons are ever given and no laws are on the books specifically banning photography, but security services across the country have arrested photographers and roughed them up for taking even the most innocent pictures, like a shot of women baking bread. It wasn’t always like this,

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Heartbreaking drawings by South Sudanese children

Heartbreaking drawings by South Sudanese refugee children reveal trauma caused by war. An estimated 100 children fleeing the civil war in South Sudan cross into Uganda every day. The majority of them are unaccompanied, they have been separated from their parents and their physical and mental health is at risk due to the traumatic events they have witnessed. More than one million children have fled South Sudan since the country descended into civil war in 2013. The majority of them have fled and continue to flee to Uganda.

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Peter Capton

Ten million victims in South Sudan: meet several

Ten million victims in South Sudan: meet several of them. A series of stunning portraits by photojournalist Peter Caton shows people who walked for days, often without food, to escape South Sudan.

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